International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISPP) 2025 News

Asian Prehistory Today
Bridging Science, Heritage and Development
Asian Prehistory Today, a UISPP inter-congress conference, mostly aims at providing a memorable experience to participants.

Symposia and sessions will naturally address the major chapters of human history that were written in mainland and island Asia, often using a comparative viewpoint with other geographical areas (all specialists welcome!). However, many meeting topics intend to go beyond the frontiers of our disciplinary or sectoral domains, looking forward to Bridging Science, Heritage and Development. That will especially be the case of symposia including specialized visits, events and encounters illustrating the challenges they address.

Of course, our collective experience will also include discovering the treasures of Indonesian prehistoric heritage, sites (Sangiran Dome World Heritage), original human fossils (most of which have never been exhibited), artefacts and faunal collections.

Indonesia is a smiling, welcoming country, and our gathering will take place in the very heart of Javanese culture. Visits to famous monumental and natural sites (e.g. Borobudur or Prambanan World Heritage temples, mountain landscapes, colonial architectural areas) will be proposed.

Last but not least, Salatiga, university city, is an actual and tolerant ‘melting pot’ of Indonesian diversity …an opportunity to undertake, among others, an interesting ethno-gastronomic experience.

See you soon!

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