Welcome to Nusantara. The Southeast Asian Archipelago. It is the birthplace of humanity. In our long journey, of civilization. A homeland for human ancestors. For the last, one and a half million years. A Place where our early ancestors have roamed a vast land of opportunity. Shared the space with many other wonderful creatures. Leave us the evidence of human evolution and their adaptation to the environment.
Who are they? What do they look like?   And how do they live their life? For almost two decades, The Center for Prehistory and Austronesian Studies, has contributed to revealing the answers.  Behind CPAS is a group of passionate scientists with global networking in Prehistory and Austronesian Studies.
Our mission, is to provide best practices in the framework of archaeological research, and development.Pushing the values of our research, beyond the knowledge. Reveals the national identity. Enriches our understanding, of cultural developments. Unveil the reason, behind our strong character, of diversity. Narrates the story of ethnogenesis, and the foundation of our Preserving our past. As a heritage, for the wealth of our future-generation    

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